Health and social care

Poached Creative had a strong track record of working with the NHS and the wider health and care system, understanding the complexities while focusing on the staff and patients at its heart.

Brand development for the NHS Values Summit
Designing A refreshed Equality Delivery System.
Exhibition hall signage, programmes and mini guides.
Editing Social Partnership Forum case studies.
Copywriting and layout for a series of guides.
Design and layout for a range of reports and briefings.

Health and social care

Since the NHS Values Summit was first introduced in 2013 Poached Creative worked with the Department of Health and, later, NHS England to develop and promote the NHS Values Summit brand.

The work we're most proud of supported NHS staff with their health and wellbeing, championed the role of social enterprise in the health and care sector and promoted compassionate patient care.

Mental health was a particular focus because many of our staff and trainees have experienced the issues for themselves.